Q: How do you search product and best supplier from China?
A: we search product by image or URL which customer provides us by excel sheet. As well as we buy from best supplier as per old performance and customer feedback.  

Q: What goods cannot be buying behalf on customer?
A: Except subject to customs restrictions, prohibited items cannot be sent like liquid, battery etc.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Delivery time is under estimate normal circumstances. Inclement weather, custom clearance, holidays, peak season or any unforeseen circumstances may cause shipment delay. Mostly timing 10-15 days shipped to India and after that we take 2-5 days in local delivery.

Q: What is the volumetric weight?
A: The volumetric shipping charge base on the dimensional weight of the shipment when dimensional is exceeds than the actual weight. For example, one item is 50cm in length, 60cm in width and 85cm in height.
The formula: (length (cm) × width (cm) × high (cm)) / volumetric basic= volume weight (kg).
The first item is EMS-package. The weight of this item is (50 × 60 × 85) / 10000 = 25.5 (kg);
The second to take the DHL sent, then the weight of this item is (50 × 60 × 85) / 5000 = 51 (kg);
The above two comparison, the EMS-package cost-effective!
At present, EMS, China Post’s volumetric basic is 10000, Toll-DPEX, DHL’s volumetrics basic is 5000, DPE volumetrics basic is 6000.

Q: How do you calculate weight and what is the charges?
A: We calculate actual weight and charge on that particular product. We take charges about 1000 per kg include GST also.

Q: What is CHA and how much you charge for it?
A: Customs Handling Charges (CHA Fees): In international shipping or logistics, "CHA fees" could stand for Customs Handling Charges. These fees are associated with handling the customs clearance process for imported or exported goods. And We do not charge for it.

Q: What is Custom Duty and How much You charge For It?
A: Customs duty, often referred to simply as "custom duty," is a type of tax or fee imposed by a government on goods that are imported or exported across its borders. It's a source of revenue for the government and is used to control the movement of goods, protect domestic industries, and regulate international trade. We charge average on 20%.


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